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Email me your assignments and I'll assist you with reaching the solutions.  In addition to tutoring students with problems I tutor and assist with projects, papers and essays.


I offer assistance in the following areas, both undergrad and graduate levels:


  • Finance

  • Accounting

  • Economics

  • Business

  • Marketing/Strategy

  • Science

  • History

and several other subject areas.


If you have a question and you are not certain if I address the subject, email it to me. I respond to my emails within an hour most of the time.


For help with Statistics, please click here.

For help with Math, please click here.  

Joaquin is the best!


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About communication:

Clear communication saves time, hassle and money. Take a few extra moments to make sure that your instructions to me are clear, to the point and all-encompassing. Make sure to send me all the requested information (see Details).

What I need from you:


You may want to establish "first contact" in the form of a first email or phone call introducing yourself, giving me relevant information, asking me questions and/or expressing concerns.  


I enjoy speaking to each of you but please email the assignment before you call me.  The conversation is a lot easier when the assignment is front of me and I can see what the questions are about.  Also, if you need me to call you, email me your phone number and I will generally call you within the hour or whenever your schedule allows.


Before contacting me:

Before contacting me be sure that you understand all that is explained in the   Details section of this web site. Please send me ALL the information that I request.

Do not forget to email me (or fax me) your phone number(s).Click the button below for my email.








Fax number provided upon request


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